New 'Ring' Film 'Sadako' Gets Teaser and Poster

In 2002, The Ring helped usher in a new trend in horror which featured terrifying supernatural [...]

In 2002, The Ring helped usher in a new trend in horror which featured terrifying supernatural stories from Asian horror films getting American remakes. Ringu, which inspired the 2002 film, has earned multiple sequels, with site Moshi Moshi Nippon confirming that Sadako is the latest sequel in that franchise. Check out the film's poster and teaser below.

The site describes Sadako, "The film will star Elaiza Ikeda as the main character Mayu Akigawa, a psychology counselor who gets involved in an incident with Yusuke Ishida, played by Takashi Tsukamoto, who will try to fix it. Hiroya Shimizu will play the part of Mayu's younger brother Kazuma Akigawa who becomes a YouTuber to try and awaken Sadako's curse. Himeka Himejima will play Jinko, a mysterious girl who lost her memory and is taken in at the hospital Mayu works at. Renn Kiriyama will play Mayu's colleague Minori Fujii."

sadako movie 2019 teaser poster
(Photo: Kadokawa)

The original 1998 film Ringu earned five sequels while also earning four remakes, in addition to the American remake starring Naomi Watts. That film earned two sequels, the most recent of which being Rings in 2017. The entire franchise originated with the 1991 novel Ring, which earned five sequel novels.

One of the more ambitious films in the franchise is Sadako vs. Kayako, which features the villains from Ringu and Ju-on facing off against one another. Ju-on earned an American remake with The Grudge, which also became a major success and earned multiple sequels.

A new iteration of The Grudge is on the way from director Nicolas Pesce, which is slated to hit theaters on January 3, 2020. Star of the new reboot, Lin Shaye, previously shared with that the new film will have major frights to offer viewers.

"Wait until you see this. It's the scariest movie I've ever been a part of, not even maybe. Not even maybe," Shaye detailed. "And it's the scariest part I've ever had, bar none. I think it comes out next August, I'm very excited about it. The horror fans are going to go insane, that I can promise."

She added, "What will make it really different is Nicolas Pesce, who is the writer/director, who is extraordinary. I mean he's a real visionary. I had a phenomenal time working with him. He was very open to my ideas, which he told me he never is. He said, 'I don't usually let actors do what they want.' He said, 'But in your case, there were no rules.' I was inspired. The ideas I came up with were inspired by what he was creating. And he acknowledged that and allowed it."

Stay tuned for details on Sadako, which lands in theaters in Japan on May 24th.

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