Rosemary's Baby Rumored to Be Getting Prequel With Apartment 7A

The psychological thriller Apartment 7A was announced earlier this year, with plot details of the project being kept under wraps, though a new report from Bloody Disgusting claims that the film is secretly a prequel to the 1968 Mia Farrow-starring Rosemary's Baby. The initial announcement of the project didn't raise any eyebrows, but in addition to the outlet's report about the new film, they found a few other clues that could potentially corroborate the info from their sources. Based on the 1967 book of the same name from Ira Levin, this wouldn't be the first time a project focus on the unsettling events of the Bramford Building, including sequels and reboots.

In the original story, Guy and Rosemary Woodhouse move into the illustrious Bramford Building and hope to start a family. After befriending their eccentric neighbors, Rosemary does become pregnant, though experiences a number of symptoms that lead her to believe her baby might be in danger. Additionally, she has foggy memories of a bizarre encounter with her new neighbors, making her question their true intentions and if they have secretly been orchestrating a deadly plan against her.

A seminal moment in the film is when Rosemary meets a young neighbor her age who had previously befriended the same neighbors that focused their attention on Rosemary, with the young girl being found dead in front of the building in an apparent suicide.

Bloody Disgusting points out that there are characters currently listed on the film's IMDb page that share the name of characters from Rosemary's Baby, including actor Amy Leeson being billed as Rosemary Woodhouse. Additionally, they claim the story could focus on the young woman who dies early on in Rosemary's Baby.

Given that the original film is considered one of the greatest horror films of all time, it's easy to see why any details about the project being a prequel would want to be kept under wraps as to avoid putting undeserved pressure on the material. Debuting later this summer is Prey from Dan Trachtenberg, a film that was initially billed as a standalone experience before it was revealed to be a prequel to the Predator franchise, with the filmmaker himself expressing his disappointment that the secret had been revealed.

In 1976, the film earned the made-for-TV sequel Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby, which wasn't based on Levin's actual novel sequel. In 2014, a two-part miniseries adaptation debuted on NBC that starred Zoe Saldana. 

Apartment 7A was directed by Relic filmmaker Natalie Erika James. Stay tuned for details on the project.

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