New Scream Filmmakers Crafted Multiple Scripts and Edits of Sequel

The filmmakers behind the upcoming Scream sequel are so committed to preventing any important details about the narrative from being spoiled that they not only have crafted various scripts with fake endings, but they have even developed fake edits of the movie, according to Bloody Disgusting. Given the attention earned by highly anticipated entries in franchises like Star Wars or the Marvel Cinematic Universes, filmmakers will often only offer select scenes to the cast, with directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett being so committed to maintaining the film's mysteries, alternate cuts of the project exist in hopes of thwarting anyone from leaking the identity of the film's killer, or killers. The new Scream lands in theaters on January 14, 2022.

The outlet notes that they have "exclusively learned today that there are not only multiple versions of the Scream screenplay, but also the movie, with the purpose to obfuscate fans who want to spoil the final product."

It's unknown, however, if these alternate versions of the film were crafted in case anyone involved in the production might casually reveal details of the project, or if it's to prevent fans from potentially hacking into any services that could grant them access to the picture.

During the film's virtual press day last year, producer William Sherak confirmed that the cast themselves were given fragments of the script, with only two stars at the time having access to the entire narrative.

"One of the fun things we've been able to do, when we sat down with [original writer] Kevin Williamson when this all started and we got his support and brought him back into the fold to get that part done, one of the nuggets of information he gave us from back in the day was that they were able to put a bunch of different drafts out there to keep fans guessing by the time the second one came around, even some cast members, and we adopted that same thing," Sherak confirmed with "So there are multiple drafts out there in the public that have been leaked, and nobody really knows. And we've even managed to keep the cast guessing as well. They're not really quite sure either because of the multiple drafts. So we're going to keep it that way."

Co-director Tyler Gillett admitted, "Two members of the cast actually have read the entire script."

"It's a pretty small group that know which draft is the real draft," Sherak confirmed.


The new Scream lands in theaters on January 14, 2022.

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