Discovery+ Delivering New Shock Docs About Alien Invasion in Hudson Valley

When most people think about UFO sightings, they often think of desert landscapes that are devoid of highly populated cities, given that New Mexico is home to not only a reported UFO crash in the late '40s, but that nearby in Nevada is the location of Area 51, a military base that some believe contains actual alien artifacts. However, given that the phenomenon involves Earth getting visits from otherworldly beings, they surely aren't contained to the desert, with the all-new Shock Docs episode Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley exploring the thousands of reports about encounters in New York. Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley premieres on discovery+ on August 15th.

Per press release, "While Area 51 has the notoriety, the Hudson Valley region, just north of New York City, remains the undisputed UFO capital of the world reporting nearly 3,000 extraterrestrial encounters over the last decade. The team leading this new investigation into the region includes Ben Hansen, former FBI profiler and expert in extraterrestrial/paranormal affairs; Melissa Tittl, an investigative journalist breaking news on paranormal science and conspiracies; and Marc D'Antonio, Hudson Valley native and chief photo researcher for MUFON, the top civilian UFO investigative organization in the world. Throughout the two-hour special, the team takes an innovative approach to investigating extraterrestrials by utilizing paranormal equipment and techniques to deliver stunning results. This unique investigation method leads to messages from beyond, chilling first-person accounts, and overwhelming video evidence, all indications that may prove we are not alone."

"Why are aliens descending on the Hudson Valley? And what do they want from the residents? The team's investigation is anchored by first-hand experiences – members of the community describing unbelievable interactions with extraterrestrial forces. Hansen, Tittl, and D'Antonio speak with a skeptical community leader who finally shares his untold story of a potential UFO landing; a local haunted homeowner who believes her house has been visited by otherworldly beings for generations; and another Hudson Valley resident who recalls alien encounters that mutated his friend and put his family in danger."

"We use a multimodal approach with specialized cameras and technology – much of which was designed for the military – and combine that with techniques commonly utilized in paranormal communication experiments," Hansen shared in a statement. "Our equipment and the team's combined expertise really enhance our investigation efforts. We truly hope to bring Hudson Valley residents the answers they're looking for even though they may not be prepared for what we find."

Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley premieres on discovery+ on August 15th.


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