Stranger Things Drive-Into Experience Extended Through Spring of 2021

Recent weeks have offered Stranger Things fans a number of exciting updates, not only because the new season of the series has resumed production, but also because the Los Angeles "Drive-Into" experience has been officially extended into spring of 2021. The event officially kicks off on October 28th, but the amount of interest in the event as proven by fans has already resulted in the project being confirmed to run for months as opposed to merely being an event one can experience around Halloween. Rather than being a drive-thru event, screening, or haunted house, the Drive-Into is the first experience of its kind.

Per press release, "This groundbreaking live experience takes fans of the global hit series inside some of its most iconic scenes, all from the safety of their own cars. Stranger Things: The 'Drive-Into' Experience is an entirely new approach to interactive theater that reimagines live entertainment. The beloved Netflix original series, created by The Duffer Brothers, will be transformed into an immersive theatrical production, complete with mind-bending sets, actors in costume, and otherworldly special effects. Upon entry, guests will drive their vehicles (in groups of 24 cars) through the multi-level experience, stopping for extended periods of time for scenes to play out around them. They will then be guided to drive to the next scene, where they park again for another 'chapter' in the story."

Here's what fans can expect from the new experience:

  • This is not a drive in; it’s a first-of-its-kind drive-into live entertainment event that spans over 400,000 square feet.

  • Fans will experience the entire 60-minute live-action show from the safety of their car, driving from scene to scene as the story unfolds from all sides.

  • Characters will perform exclusive new scenes inspired by Stranger Things 3 and created in partnership with series creators The Duffer Brothers.

  • New music from Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, the series’ composers, has been developed specifically for the experience.

  • On the way to the experience, ticket holders can tune into Hawkins Radio via a digital channel to hear 80s classics, strange sonic intrusions, radio hijacks and bursts of information.

  • Dressed in their '80s best, fans will pull into Starcourt Mall for a chance to cruise the (drive-thru) food court options before pulling into Lynx Labs where things really turn uʍop ǝpᴉsdn.

You can head to the Stranger Things Drive-Into official website to get more details and purchase tickets.

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