Stranger Things: Millie Bobby Brown Confirms Season 4 Is in Production

The official Twitter accounts for Stranger Things have been sharing a lot of fun content this week, which has led fans to believe the show was officially back in production. We've seen a sign from the kids' school, a teaser about the return of the Upside Down, and an adorable photo of Dustin Henderson. In a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) confirmed that the show is officially back to filming (sort of). However, it sounds like she's not back on set yet, unlike some of her co-stars.

"Does this mean what I think it means? Is season four of Stranger Things in production?," Fallon asked. "I mean, I guess that's what they're trying to say," Brown replied with a laugh. "I can't wait to get back to work. I've missed playing Eleven so much, and to think it's been quite a while since I've been on set with my friends again. And just playing Eleven, you know, she's always such a challenge to play, and I just miss work, to be honest with you." You can view the clip below:

In addition to Stranger Things, Brown was just seen starring in the new Netflix movie, Enola Holmes. The actor recently stated that she'd like to play the character again:

"I was like, 'Oh, yeah, I'll just do one movie, like, obviously…' and then as soon as I went on set and I played [Enola], I fell in love with her, and she became part of my heart," Brown told EW. "I always said I loved playing Eleven [on Stranger Things] because I didn't just do one thing and then stop playing her. I love that I can continually play her, and with the Enola book series… I really am optimistic about the future. I'm so looking forward to [hopefully] getting back to work."

As for Stranger Things, David Harbour recently revealed that he has known this whole time what the plan for his character would be, but he wanted to play into fan speculation.

"I knew. We knew. We had talked about it," Harbour shared with Total Film regarding his character's return. "I just wanted to preserve the fantasy for everyone. And it's such a weird position that we're in now with so much media, that everybody wants to talk to you about it."

He added, "I'm very close to [creators] the Duffer brothers, and I know where the story's going, and I've known from the get-go. And I think that's been the great thing about this story. In terms of Stranger Things, you'll be able to look back at Season One and see a lot of things that happen further down the line that relate to that."

Stay tuned for more details on Stranger Things' upcoming season.