Stranger Things Reveals New Poster Teasing Showdown Between Eleven and Vecna

In the final episode of Stranger Things Season 4 – Volume 1, audiences witnessed how Eleven's intense confrontation with the orderly Henry Creel resulted in her opening a portal to the Upside Down, where Henry became banished and mutated into the deadly Vecna. With two episodes in Stranger Things Season 4 – Volume 2, a rematch between the two figures is just over the horizon, with Netflix releasing an all-new poster teasing the upcoming conflict. Given that most of the season has seen Eleven separated from her friends, there should also be some much friendlier reunions in these final two episodes, as well. Stranger Things Season 4 – Volume 2 premieres on Netflix on July 1st.

Despite the excitement surrounding the upcoming episodes, series creators Matt and Ross Duffer don't want fans to start celebrating quite yet, as some of their favorite characters might not make it to Season 5.

"I don't really want to say, but I would be concerned about the characters going into Volume 2, for sure," Ross Duffer recently shared with Empire Magazine. "I hope that that is sort of the sense, because it is a darker season and the kids are no longer kids. And there's sort of an ominous feeling that things might not go well. Now, whether they do or not, you'll have to watch."

The flashback to the origins of the portal to the Upside Down answered a question audiences have long had about the connection Hawkins, Indiana had with the otherworldly realm, but this reveal also ignited more questions in some fans. For example, some viewers interpreted the scene as Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven actually creating the Upside Down, a theory which Brown herself weighed in on.

"[Series creators Matt and Ross Duffer] did tell me [Eleven created the gateway]. She does. She opens the rift," Brown explained to Variety. As far as whether she created that dimension, Brown detailed, "This is too big of a debate for me to answer. I'm so worried. I think -- no, no, no. I think that the alternate universe was always there. That is always going to be under Hawkins. I just think she has access to it. I don't think that she created the Upside Down. No, I think that it was always there, I think she just created a gate to it which no one could before."  

Stranger Things Season 4 – Volume 2 premieres on Netflix on July 1st.

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