Stranger Things Creators Address That Rumored Spinoff Finn Wolfhard Predicted

Stranger Things might be coming to an end with Season 5, but the immense popularity and dense mythology means that the spirit of it can live on with spin-off projects, with creators Matt and Ross Duffer recently confirming that they might start developing that project sooner rather than later. Given that they still have Season 5 to write, shoot, edit, and release, the spinoff doesn't sound like it will be moving forward in the near future, though the filmmakers teased that they could start investing more time developing it as Season 5 of the series starts heading into production.

When asked by Variety if they would complete Season 5 before moving on to the spinoff, Ross Duffer explained, "Probably. There's a version of developing in parallel, they would never shoot it parallel. I think, actually, we're gonna start delving into that soon, I think, as we're winding down and finishing these visual effects. Matt and I are gonna start getting into it."

Matt Duffer added, "The reason we haven't done anything is just because you don't want to be doing it for the wrong reasons. It was just, 'Is this something I would want to make regardless of it being related to Stranger Things or not?' And, definitely. Even if we took the Stranger Things title off of it, I would -- I'm just so, so excited about it. It is not what, I don't think anyone's gonna be thinking. It's gonna be different than what anyone's expecting."

Various members of the Stranger Things cast have confirmed that they know of their characters' fates, but Finn Wolfhard is the only one who seemingly knows about the concept of the spinoff, with the Duffers recalling how he happened to stumble across the exact idea they aimed to explore.

"Finn Wolfhard, he wasn't spitballing, 'Is it this? Is it this?' He just goes, 'I think this would be a cool spinoff.' We were like, 'How in the world...?'" Ross recalled.

However, while Wolfhard's Mike Wheeler might not be a character in that spinoff, Matt Duffer detailed the actor's talents behind the scenes, surely leaving some to wonder if he could be involved in the project but on the other side of the camera.

"I do predict that Finn's gonna be ... He's already directing his first feature coming up, and I think he's gonna be ... and his short film's really good," Ross expressed. "I think he's gonna be a director. I think he's gonna be a really talented director, is what I think."

Stranger Things Season 4 – Volume 2 premieres on Netflix on July 1st.

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