Original Texas Chain Saw Massacre House Renames Itself in Honor of Tobe Hooper

The iconic house from the original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has seen various owners over the decades, with reports emerging in recent months that a new sale could complicate the legacy of the memorable location, though all that worry was for naught, as the new owners are embracing the location's origins even more strongly than previous owners. The new owners of the locale took to Facebook to confirm that the restaurant is changing its name to Hooper's in tribute to original director Tobe Hooper, with the goal to be to restore and renovate the building to its former glory.

"The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie set located at 1010 King Court in Kingsland, Texas is taking on an updated look and a new name. The once Grand Central Café and Club Car Bar is now Hooper's in honor of Tobe Hooper, writer and director of the original TCM," the restaurant shared on Facebook. "We are currently very deep into restoring the house, but we have kept the bar open in an effort to employ existing staff. Sandy Jones continues to operate the bar, which is fully functional. Food is being served out of our original Taco Flats airstream and an old smoker that was once used by a barbecue joint in Burnet, Texas. We are all here to serve this community through this very exciting transition. Please be patient with our staff, they are a great bunch."

When one fan expressed how they hoped the restaurant wouldn't become unrecognizable, Hooper's replied, "Not. A. Chance."

In the original film, a group of friends on a road trip make an impromptu pit stop and, while exploring their surroundings, wander onto the Sawyer family's property, a sadistic group known to kill and eat travelers. 

The original filming location was in Round Rock, Texas but in 1998, the home was disassembled and reconstructed in Kingsland, where it reopened as a restaurant. Given the passionate following of the original film and the recognizable exterior features, the location became a mecca for horror lovers. 

Whether you've been there before or have not gotten the chance to pay respects to the iconic film, knowing that it's only a matter of time before Hooper's reopens and does so with the franchise's legacy in mind is sure to be a relief to horror fans. Stay tuned for details on the future of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise.

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