The Guest Director Shoots Down Sequel Movie Talks, Confirms Limited Series Possible

While The Guest might have been one of the most critically acclaimed genre films of 2014, it failed to become a major force at the box office, but with streaming audiences discovering it in recent years and with the cast and crew making major names for themselves with other projects, director Adam Wingard confirms that, while the idea of a movie seems unlikely right now, he, writer Simon Barrett, and star Dan Stevens have talked about doing a limited series somewhere down the line. In addition to the narrative of the film being compelling, another draw was the film's visual style and soundtrack, with Wingard confirming there is definitely something on the horizon that fans can look forward to.

"So, even though I don't have a Guest sequel, Simon and I have talked about it," Wingard confirmed with The Hollywood Reporter. "We don't have necessarily something that we're excited about yet per se, but I've talked to Dan about it. Recently, I've seen Dan once a week, and we just hang out and chill. So we've talked about it a lot, but there's nothing concrete. But I will say that we do have a very special Guest 'sequel' that I'm working on in an unconventional way. It has to do with the music from The Guest, so there is going to be a big Guest thing coming up really soon that I think is going to thrill people."

He added, "But no movies in the works just yet. There's also a potential limited series down the line for it. Instead of doing a direct sequel to The Guest, we might do a limited series for it as a sequel. But again, it's just not where our heads are at right now, so we'll see."

The Guest had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in 2014 and currently sits at 91% positive reviews on aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes. Following the praise the film earned, Stevens would go on to star in the live-action Beauty and the Beast while Wingard recently directed Godzilla vs. Kong.

Thanks to Wingard and Barrett's films like V/H/S and You're Next, genre fans were well aware of The Guest as it was being released, with the director noting that it was the timing of its recent streaming release on Netflix and the global pandemic seeing many more audiences discovering the adventure.

"Well, the simple answer is that The Guest was a slow-burn cult classic," Wingard detailed of the film's recent popularity. "It's a movie that was pretty largely unknown when it came out. It did well critically, but it didn't really pick up until last year. During the pandemic, when it was re-released on Netflix, it really made a big splash with audiences finally. People finally started seeing it, and it was the number one movie on Netflix for a little bit."

Stay tuned for updates on the possible future of The Guest.

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