Rob Zombie Shares First 'Three From Hell' Character Poster

Rob Zombie continues his trend of being his own self-promoter, taking to social media to build [...]

Rob Zombie continues his trend of being his own self-promoter, taking to social media to build excitement for his upcoming film, Three From Hell. The filmmaker has shared the first character poster for the film, which features Bill Moseley as Otis Driftwood, that also confirms we shouldn't expect the film until sometime in 2019.

Zombie shared the poster while using the caption to tease, "Dig it man! Here is the first in a series of 5 character teaser posters from my next film Three From Hell! Otis has a message for the man."

The poster might not give away many details about the film, though a post he shared earlier this week helped confirm a theory about the narrative the film will explore.

House of 1000 Corpses introduced audiences to the sadistic Firefly family, with The Devil's Rejects focusing specifically on Otis (Moseley), Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie), and Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig). The trio committed numerous heinous crimes as they set out on a chaotic road trip, yet authorities eventually caught up with them.

That film concluded with the trio driving their car straight into a police blockade, leaving authorities no choice but to open fire on the criminals. Audiences saw the criminals collect numerous wounds, only for the credits to roll in what is assumed to have been the characters' final moments.

In a photo posted of Baby on Instagram, the character's arms can be seen, which included scars seemingly created by gunshots. The open-ended nature of the film led many to believe the characters perished, possibly hinting at a supernatural story in this follow-up film. However, it would appear that Three From Hell is much more grounded in reality than we expected, with the simple explanation being that they were quick to receive medical attention and will stand trial for their crimes in the new film.

Zombie also teased that more posters will be on the way, including Baby and Captain Spaulding, as well as two other characters.

The filmmaker previously explained how his fall tour will prevent him from editing Three From Hell until its completion, resulting in the 2019 release window.

Stay tuned for details about Three From Hell.

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