Title for Train to Busan American Remake Reportedly Revealed

Earlier this year came word that the hit South Korean zombie movie Train to Busan was getting an American remake. News that instantly sparked outrage with horror fans as filmmaker Yeon Sang-ho's 2016 film has been heralded as one of the best in the subgenre for the past five years, not to mention the storied history of bad American remakes of foreign horror films. At the time of it was announced that the film was in the works many questioned how a film that was so ingrained in South Asian culture with readily available high-speed rail system would translate to the United States were no such infrastructure exists. Now we may know.

In a report on filmmaker Indonesian director Timo Tjahjanto's Under Siege reboot, Deadline made a note of how he remains attached to the American remake of Train to Busan, revealing that the film "could" be titled Last Train to New York. Should this title end up being the film's final one it paints a picture of how the new version will be fit into the American culture. The original film's plot focused on survivors attempting to get to the South Korean port city on a train while on a train headed that way, we can assume that the American will take a similar structure and make its destination the Big Apple.

In addition to Tjahjanto behind the camera, the film has The Conjuring and Saw filmmaker James Wan worked as a producer with a script by Gary Dauberman (IT, Annabelle Comes Home). Tjahjanto has previously opened up about the backlash that news of an American remake to Train to Busan has inspired over the past year, writing in a tongue-in-cheek manner on Twitter:

"In James (Wan) own words: 'Timo,we need to rise above & beyond everyone's expectations, just like other great remakes have done such as The Ring or Dawn of the Dead remake.' Who am I to let my boss down? Needed to add that James has been my hero since my college days. As a South East Asian kid from a conventional middle class family who doesn't exactly encourage artistic endeavors ( i.e blowing up heads, smearing fake blood) his rise from SAW inspired alot of us SEA genre doofus." (sic)

Responding to a Twitter user that called the potential remake "one of the worst ideas ever" and said Tjahjanto could "become one of the most hated filmmakers ever," the filmmaker had a hilarious reply: "If someones not hating your career somewhere in a dark dingy corner of the galaxy , means youre not aiming high enough. – Worf, son of Mogh."

Check back here for news on the Train to Busan remake, perhaps called Last Train to New York, as we learn it.