Taika Waititi Developing 'What We Do in the Shadows' TV Series

It sounds like quite a few What We Do in the Shadows spinoffs could still be on the way.In a [...]

It sounds like quite a few What We Do in the Shadows spinoffs could still be on the way.

In a recent interview with Fandango, co-director/star Taika Waititi revealed that plans to expand the franchise are still in the cards. While a few film spinoffs have been in development for quite some time, Waititi cited plans for an American adaptation, which would function as a television show.

"We're trying to develop a U.S. version of What We Do in the Shadows." Waititi revealed. "You know, set here in the states, but a T.V. show."

What We Do in the Shadows, which followed an ensemble of vampires sharing a New Zealand flat, has gained a cult following in recent years. A spinoff about the film's two police officers, O'Leary and Minogue, was announced a while back, and Waititi hinted that it will begin production soon.

"We're also trying to start shooting in New Zealand." Waititi added. "A spin-off following the two cops from the movie, as a sort of mockumentary X-Files [that takes place in] a certain small New Zealand town where they investigate paranormal activity."

Waititi also hinted that he still has plans to make a proper sequel to Shadows, which would center around the film's delightfully G-rated werewolf gang. According to Waititi, We're Wolves will definitely hit the screen at some point.

"We're still trying to write that," he said. "We're doing those [other shows] as well as trying to come up with ideas for this werewolf movie. It will happen!"

To some, the concept of an Americanized Shadows adaptation might seem worrisome, as the New Zealand setting is a core part of the original film. Still, with Waititi (who will soon gain a larger American following, thanks to the success of Thor: Ragnarok) on board, who knows what awesome things project will be capable of.