Tokyo Burger King Celebrates Halloween With "Ghost Whopper" and Zombie Actors

Burger King has been making waves with its new Impossible Burger, but the fast-food giant is not content with just debuting new items on its menu. With it being Halloween season, this is the perfect time to get creative with your marketing campaign, and that's what Burger King is doing in its Tokyo Shibuya location. To celebrate the Halloween season Burger King is going all out with a horde of Zombies a completely themed restaurant on the inside and outside, and even a themed Whopper, which is being called the Ghost Whopper (via Kotaku).

The store is being nicknamed the Shibuya Ghost Store, and as you can see in some of the images and videos, the experience is pretty epic. Several actors are eating Ghost Whoppers (which are Whoppers with white buns) in the restaurant, though the zombies will only be there on the 23rd, the 24th, the 26th, and Halloween.

If you want to experience the Shibuya Ghost Store as a whole, you've got until October 31st, and you should definitely take some pictures while you're there.

(Photo: Burger King)

You can check out some of the highlights from the experience below, and as you can see Burger King really did things right, with custom promotional posters, themed decorations, and even a changed up logo.

"The Burger King in Shibuya has become “Shibuya Ghost” for Halloween, complete with zombie customers."

"Le Burger King de Shibuya en mode Halloween 🎃👻 #Japon"






We love seeing how creative Burger King is being here, and we kind of wish some of the stores in the United States would do some similar things. We can't wait to see what Burger King's Shibuya location does for Halloween next year.