Captain America Star Chris Evans Shares Health Update on Beloved Dog Dodger

There are plenty of celebrities with pets, but there's one famous dog out there that we're especially attached to. Chris Evans, the actor best known for playing Captain American in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, often shares photos of his dog, Dodger, and people can't get enough. Back in April, the actor shared a quarantine update from Dodger's perspective, and it was adorable. In May, Evans got a lot of hilarious flak for his dog-grooming skills, but based on the actor's latest Dodger pic, the pup was finally able to get a professional cut. Dodger is also scheduled to get surgery soon, but Evans is remaining hopeful that he will have an easy recovery.

"He’s got his ‘summer surgery haircut’. Next week he’s getting a shiny new hip! It’ll be a long recovery but I have a feeling this champ is gonna cruise," Evans wrote. You can check out the photo below:

There's been tons of fun Dodger content online over the last couple of years. Evans previously posted a heartwarming photo of himself with Dodger on Valentine’s Day, and their beautiful reunion video went viral back in 2017. Being cute isn’t Dodger's only talent: he can also sing! Not too long ago, Evans also shared a look at Dodger in the famous Knives Out sweater.

Yesterday, Evans made headlines when he sent a heartwarming message to a young boy who saved his sister from a not-so-friendly dog. Evans told the boy in his video, “I read your story, I saw what you did. I’m sure you’ve heard this a bunch of times over the last couple of days. But, let me be the first one to tell you, ‘Pal, you’re a hero.’ What you did was so brave and so selfless, your sister is so luck to have you as a big brother. Your parents must be so proud of you. I’m gonna track down your address and I’m gonna send you an official Captain Americashield, because pal, you deserve it. Keep being the man you are, we need people like you. Hang in there, I know recovery might be tough. But, based on what I’ve seen, there’s not much that could slow you down.”

You can currently watch Evans in most of the Marvel movies on Disney+.