MrBeast's Christmas Lights Just Set a World Record

Mr. Beast just set a world record with Christmas lights. The YouTube sensation decided to spread [...]

Mr. Beast just set a world record with Christmas lights. The YouTube sensation decided to spread some holiday cheer and pass on a huge prize to some fans. Beast purchased three houses and a million Christmas lights for this contest. The person who did the best job designing their house got to keep it and the entire drama was wild to see. Giving away houses is pretty standard for Beast now as he's posted numerous YouTube bangers where he tosses some unsuspecting person the keys to their new home. People just can't get enough of these random acts of kindness. Not only do they help out someone who clearly needs it, but they also grow the channel and allow the star to keep upping the ante. There's a lot to like about someone who tries to keep finding ways to use their platform to give away homes and other prizes. So, you can check out Mr. Beast's latest video at this link here.

However, that's probably not the biggest story to come out of the YouTuber's catalog this year. Just a week ago, Beast announced MrBeast Burger. The new chain of restaurants will allow fans to order some fun meals from their favorite delivery apps. When the chain got announced, a lot of people lamented that they didn't live close enough to one of the locations. When Beast heard the news, he hopped to it and announced plans to expand their offerings even further than the first 300 locations.

If you check out the menu for MrBeast Burger, it includes the Beast Style burger with House Sauce, American cheese, and traditional fixings like lettuce and tomato. For those not inclined toward burgers, there is also a Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich to bring a little bit of spice. The grilled cheese is also offered for those customers who don't want any meat present at all. Chocolate chip cookies for dessert and chicken tenders are also there as sides to help make those meals a complete package. People have been trying to get their hands on these items nonstop since they dropped.

"I just launched 300 restaurants nationwide! Just go on your favorite delivery app and order a MrBeast Burger! WE'VE BEEN WORKING ON THIS FOR FOREVER AND IM SO EXCITED!," he wrote this month. "…I see your tweets and I'm trying to double and triple the amount of restaurants asap! I want you all to be able to try a MrBeast Burgers."

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