Another Mystery Monolith Has Appeared, This Time in Europe

Another mystery monolith, seemingly identical to the one that recently was found and subsequently [...]

Another mystery monolith, seemingly identical to the one that recently was found and subsequently disappeared from the Utah desert has been discovered in Europe. According to The Mirror, this latest monolith was spotted on Batca Doamnei Hill near Piatra Neamt in Romania on November 26th. Like the Utah monolith, it's unknown where the monolith came from, but officials say that whoever installed it should have asked permission from Romania's Ministry of Culture before installing it as it is located near the oldest monument in Piatra Neamt.

This newly discovered European monolith is very similar to the Utah monolith, standing around the same height -- roughly 13 feet tall -- though it does have a slightly different finish to it. The European monolith appears to have a loop-de-loop texturing to its face, something that was apparently absent on the Utah monolith.

This discovery of a second monolith is sure to prompt some questions. Earlier this month, helicopter pilots discovered the first mystery monolith in southeastern Utah. The state's Department Public Safety did not reveal the exact location of the monolith due to safety concerns over its remote are, but as of Saturday morning, the monolith had mysteriously disappeared, with the Utah Bureau of Land Management issuing a statement indicating "We have received credible reports that the illegally installed structure, referred to as the 'monolith,' has been removed." The post added, "The BLM did not remove the structure, which is considered private property."

It remains unclear who removed the monolith or where it went, though internet sleuths may have solved where the structure came from in the first place. On Reddit, users isolated the site of the structure and sorted out that HBO's Westworld had been filming near the area during the time frame the believe the structure first appeared, the suggestion being that that the monolith was simply part of a set that had been forgotten about when the show wrapped production at that time, though that theory hasn't been confirmed.

While that seems like a pretty logical explanation, this new monolith popping up in Europe is certainly curious and is just another odd (and perhaps even unsettling) development in 2020, a year that's already full of such unusual things as zombie minks, murder hornets, hell ants, and all of that on top of the very real coronavirus pandemic.

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