Pearl Milling Company Releases Christmas Sweater That Brings Families Together For Christmas — Literally

It's the holiday season and that means, well a few things: family togetherness, festive sweaters, and some truly inventive merch. This year, Pearl Milling Company is coming in with a triple threat on those holiday elements with the new Family Stack Sweater designed to bring families together — literally — as they enjoy another great unifying thing, pancakes. On Tuesday, the company launched the Family Stack Sweater in partnership with Ugly Christmas Sweater, but this isn't an ordinary "ugly" sweater. It's meant to be worn together.

The sweater — which comes in two-person, three-person, or four-person varieties — is designed so that everyone in your group can wear it together all while in joying pancakes. The sweater also features custom pockets so that you can stash your syrup and spatula for easy access. Additionally, the sweater isn't something that you can buy. Instead, it's something that everyone can enter to win by going here and signing up. The giveaway is open until December 13th.

Of course, the Family Stack Sweater isn't the only festive sweater available this year. if you aren't lucky enough to get your hands on one of the unique sweaters — or just need a backup for when you're not enjoying pancakes — there are a wide variety of holiday sweaters this year that people can choose from. Ugly Christmas Sweater has their own assortment of pop culture themed offerings fans can check out. Merchoid also has a Stranger Things Hellfire Club sweater this year and Lord of the Rings fans can also find sweaters available at as well.

If sweaters aren't your thing, there are also other clothing-related holiday merch out there as well. Hot Pockets recently announced that they are selling shorts with actual hot pockets this year. With a wide variety of holiday offerings, one could even mix and match their festive merch and be ready for all the holiday meals and togetherness in style.

Fans can enter to win the Pearl Milling Company Family Stack Sweater now through December 13th.