Robert Downey Jr. Talks To Animated Paul Rudd In Superhero Fantasy Football League Video

Robert Downey Jr. had a chat with an animated Paul Rudd for the Superhero Fantasy Football League [...]

Robert Downey Jr. had a chat with an animated Paul Rudd for the Superhero Fantasy Football League this week. Last year's league featured all kinds of smack talk and this year looks no different right now. The Ant-Man actor found himself on both sides of the jokes last year. This week's matchup between the Iron Man star and Rudd will be a good one. All the proceeds are going to a good cause in the actors' selected charities. In fact, this year is a little bit different because after Chadwick Boseman's passing, the league decided to throw $250,000 to select causes for the Black Panther star. So, there's football, there's smack talk, and there's a whole lot of fun to be had.

When the league got going, here's what Downey had to say, "What a year it's been, and fantasy football is back on. Robert Downey Jr. here, I'll be playing for the AGBO Superhero League. Footprint coalition, if I win the big prize. But, that's not what matters. The cool part is that $250,000 is going to be donated to charities in Chadwick Boseman's memory. So, we're gonna go long. We're gonna spike it in the end zone. We're gonna Hail Mary… Let the trash-talking begin!"

"And we're back...let the trash talking begin. The #AGBOSuperheroLeague has assembled some of my closest friends and fellow superhero opponents for a great cause…"

"This year, thanks to #FanDuel the stakes are higher than ever before ! There's $1M in prizes and @fp_coalition is my charity of choice," the Iron Man star wrote on Twitter. "But most importantly this season is dedicated to #ChadwickBoseman and an additional $250K will be donated throughout to charities in his memory."

AGBO founder Joe Russo also had a few words to say as the league got started.

He began, "This cast is like family. We love doing this together and we're all delighted to be able to benefit our favorite charities. Now we can play in a far more meaningful way thanks to the generous support of FanDuel. Most importantly, it's an honor to dedicate this season to Chadwick. We all miss him dearly."

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