Star Trek's William Shatner Points Out Where Space Force Logo Is Actually Swiped From

Star Trek’s William Shatner pointed out where the Space Force logo was actually swiped from. [...]

Star Trek's William Shatner pointed out where the Space Force logo was actually swiped from. Mark Hamill hit up Twitter to complain that the military outfit stole their logo and names from Marvel and Star Wars, but the Captain had to set things straight. He correctly pointed out that the branding was strangely similar to the Pontiac logo, but upside down. It's an observation that many have made on social media, and the included image feels like a dead ringer for the finished Space Force crest. A lot of Star Trek fans have been having a blast in the comments joking about the similarities. When President Trump and Vice President Pence announced the new branch of the military, they probably didn't think that their work would be getting discussed so much. However, because of the logo and the naming conventions, there's been a host of attention.

Shatner said on Twitter, "Sorry, @HamillHimself & @JamesGunn but Starfleet has to sit this one out because the symbol is actually an upside down Pontiac car logo. Maybe GM is building their fleet? #GoodLuck"

The Star Wars legend wrote to James Gunn, "So they grab the "Guardians" from your movies, they use the "Force" from our movies... then they have the gall to just steal their logo from "Star Trek"? Let's file a 3-way joint lawsuit & really nail these larcenous bastards! #MayTheDorksBeWithYou"

Space Force announced their new moniker last week to considerable chatter. "Today, after a yearlong process that produced hundreds of submissions and research involving space professionals and members of the general public, we can finally share with you the name by which we will be known: Guardians."

VP Pence also said during the unveiling, "Soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and guardians will be defending our nation for generations to come." He continued, "The Space Force is growing strongly every day, and just in the nick of time. Space is a vacuum, but we're not operating in a vacuum ... space is a war-fighting domain. It's imperative that we invest the resources, the personnel and the technology to defend our nation and defend our values in the outer reaches of space."

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