Super Bowl 2023: Football Fans Can Win Free DiGiorno Pizza

DOINK! In football, the doink — when a kick bounces off an upright or the bottom crossbar of a goalpost — means heartbreak for a player whose kick leads to a game-ending field-goal miss. But during the match-up of the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Philadelphia Eagles on Super Bowl Sunday, a "doink" will win free DiGiorno pizza for football fans. As part of what the not-delivery pizza company is calling the "first-ever celebration of an often-unfortunate moment in football," DiGiorno will give away free pizza if a kick hits an upright or the crossbar of the goalpost (doink!) at any point during Super Bowl LVII on February 12th.

"Why put stakes on something that most teams hope to avoid? Whether it's an agonizing double-DOINK, a last-second miss that could've won the game, or a DOINK that still manages to bounce through the uprights, field goal and extra point attempts already cook up all sorts of excitement," DiGiorno said in a statement. "This year, DiGiorno wants to tackle fans' heartbreak (or add to their celebration) with something that everyone can cheer for."

(Photo: DiGiorno)

For a chance to win free DiGiorno pizza, football fans must enter online at before 11:59 p.m. ET on February 12th. According to the official rules, if any field goal or extra point attempt bounces off the uprights or crossbar during the Big Game, winners will receive a coupon redeemable for a free DiGiorno pizza. (If there's no "doink," no one wins free pizza.)

(Photo: DiGiorno)

"Year after year, our Big Game program has brought even more intrigue to the championship game, keeping DIGIORNO Pizza top of mind for football fans," said Adam Graves, President, Pizza & Snacking Division at Nestlé USA. "This year, we're excited to put a new twist on our annual campaign, with a compelling new way for people to engage with both the game and our pizza.  We're committed to showing up in fresh new ways – through our promotions and product portfolio."

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