Mexican Pizza Return Date Announced By Taco Bell

Taco Bell Is Bringing Back a Fan-Favorite Item Permanently

The day is finally on the horizon for fans of the fast-food establishment Taco Bell, with the Mexican Pizza set to return, only this time, the company assures the public that the comeback will be a permanent one. Earlier this year, Taco Bell brought back the fan favorite for a limited time, with celebrities such as Dolly Parton, Doja Cat, and Victor Kunda being just a few of the stars to help push the item back into the public eye. Luckily for fast food fans, you won't be waiting long to see the pizza return to Taco Bell.

The Mexcian Pizza originally debuted at Taco Bell in 1985, running under the name of the "Pizzaz Pizza", with CEO Mark King previously having this to say about the wildly popular fast food item:

"Our menu is full of fan favorites, but the Mexican Pizza is at the top of that list. From its flashy introduction to menus in 1985 as 'Pizzazz Pizza' to its inspiration behind the creation of infamous jingles, Mexican Pizza has a long history with the brand and I'm glad we could give fans what they crave and bring our classic Mexican Pizza back home where it belongs."

Taco Bell used its Official Twitter Account to confirm that not only was the Mexican Pizza making a comeback but that it would be hitting restaurants once again on September 15th this fall:

In an official release, the fast food franchise gave some inside baseball when it came to why the Mexican Pizza, a fan favorite, had been taken off the menu originally, in part thanks to "supply chain challenges":

"Taco Bell worked diligently to resolve depleted ingredients and supply chain challenges that originally caused longer gaps in the product's availability."

The company also took the opportunity to confirm that the loss of the Mexican Pizza from its menu wasn't "a stunt" and the franchise knew full well that demand would only increase for the item following its departure: 

"While [limited time offerings] are core to Taco Bell's ability to churn out menu innovation, that wasn't the plan for the Mexican Pizza. Upon its menu return, demand for the Mexican Pizza was seven times higher than when previously available."  

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