Universal Orlando Raises Starting Pay To $15 An Hour

Universal Orlando Resort is raising their starting pay to $15 an hour. The announcement comes on [...]

Universal Orlando Resort is raising their starting pay to $15 an hour. The announcement comes on the heels of increased calls for better wages across all types of service industry jobs. Pay bumps will apply to workers at both full-time and part-time status beginning June 27th. Universal is stepping out as the first resort in the wildly popular area of central Florida, Walt Disney World is implementing it's own base pay increase set to take hold in October 2021 as well. All across the United States, these calls for better wages have been resisted by a lot of experts. But, the market determines if the squeaky wheel gets the grease. By getting out in front of these concerns before they reach a fever pitch, the company can more readily serve the customers and enjoy a happier workforce as well. Thousands of workers are being recruited on as we speak to accommodate the summer rush.

Recently, the Resort also told guests that they won't be needing their facemasks in outdoor areas of the parks. However, that isn't carte blanche to do whatever you want. Visitors will still be subject to wearing face coverings inside shops, restaurants, and other attractions. From the moment you get in line for any ride, you will have to adhere to the policy. But, open-air areas outside of queues are fine for now.

On Twitter, Universal decided to clear the air about the policy as well. "Who's got their park fit planned for today? PARK HOURS: Universal Studios Florida: 9am - 8pm, Islands of Adventure: 9am - 8pm, Volcano Bay: 10am - 6pm, CityWalk: 8am - 12am, Face coverings are required in our parks. See our site for details. Questions? Tweet us using #AskUniversal"

"We are incredibly thrilled to finally be able to open Universal Studios Hollywood, return team members to work and welcome guests back to enjoy our amazing rides," Karen Irwin, President & COO, Universal Studios Hollywood explained about a month ago. "It has been a very challenging year and we are overjoyed to have arrived at this moment."

"Universal Studios Hollywood continues to work in partnership with health and government officials to implement new health and safety procedures that include controlled capacity to enforce physical distancing and required face coverings. In accordance with government guidelines, only California residents may visit the theme park at this time."

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