Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom Greets Guests With New Loudspeaker Safety Message

This weekend, Walt Disney World is opening its gates to the public for the very first time since [...]

This weekend, Walt Disney World is opening its gates to the public for the very first time since shutting down in the wake of COVID-19 back in March. On July 11th, guests will finally be able to return to Magic Kingdom, though at a much more limited capacity and with quite a few rules in place. Disney has certainly made everyone attending the parks more than aware of these new regulations before they head to the parks, but it looks as though the Mouse will keep reminding folks throughout their stay as well.

Disney annual passholders were able to attend an early event at Magic Kingdom this week, ahead of the full reopening of the park this weekend. A video from Main Street U.S.A. has surfaced online, featuring a few passholders walking down the iconic street while a safety message from the park plays on the loud speakers.

This speech informs guests of safety protocols, encouraging them to do things like wear face coverings (a requirement in the parks) and keep their distance from one another. There's no word as to how often these messages will be playing throughout the day.

Here's what the message says:

"For the health and safety of everyone, please wear a face covering, wash your hands often and thoroughly, cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, and maintain physical distancing. Thank you for your cooperation."

Face coverings are a requirement for guests as they attend the various Disney parks, but there are locations throughout the space that allow folks to take their masks off for a moment or two at a time. Disney has introduced places called "Relaxation Stations," which are designed to give folks a break from their face coverings. These stations are marked on all maps and have been spread throughout the parks. For example, there are three located in Magic Kingdom: One near Main Street U.S.A., one in the corner of Tomorrowland, and one in Adventureland behind Pirates of the Caribbean.

Walt Disney World officially reopens on July 11th.