Man With "Wolverine" Glove Turns Himself In to Police After Attacking Protesters in Queens

A man with a Wolverine glove has turned himself in to the police after attacking some Black Lives [...]

A man with a Wolverine glove has turned himself in to the police after attacking some Black Lives Matter protestors in Queens. Video of the incident began circulating on social media Wednesday afternoon. 54-year-old Frank Cavalluzzi hopped out of his car with a four-bladed weapon fixed to his arm. The group of protestors fled in haste once they saw the weapon. The Gothamist reports that the incident took place on the Cliftonville Street overpass in Whitestone. The videos also show the man accusing the protestors of throwing things, but a witness told TooFab that the protest was peaceful. Those same witnesses say that he jumped back into the vehicle and tried to rm the crowd.

One witness told TooFab about the incident, "kids [were] just calmly protesting by just placing signs and posters, all of the sudden the guy started insulting them and the kids just started talking back defending their beliefs."

"He literally made a crazy U-turn, parked in front of them and started chasing them with his 4 knife weapon. After that, he got back into his car and GOT ON the sidewalk, stepped on the gas pedal and started chasing those kids with the intent of running them over. Then he just got away," they continued.

Another video shows the vehicular parts of these claims and the terrified response of the protestors in the area. The SUV makes a U-turn in the video and drives onto the sidewalk. From there, he speeds toward a small group of people gathered in the area. Police say that there were no reported injuries as a result of this incident and the investigation is ongoing.

The New York Post reached out to the NYPD for a statement. The police said at the time, "A 23-year-old male reported to police that and [sic] unidentified individual exited a vehicle with a sharp object and displayed it to a crowd that was peacefully protesting and fled in a vehicle described as a gray SUV mercury."

NYPD says that he faces charges of reckless endangerment, menacing and weapon possession.