New ‘Morbius’ Casting Details Surface Online

Morbius Movie Cast Emil Nikos Martine Bancroft

Following the release of Venom, Sony Pictures will try to keep its Spider-Man spinoff universe going with Morbius, an adaptation of the vampiric Marvel Comics anti-hero, who will be played in the film by Jared Leto. Now thanks to The Hashtag Show, we may have some first details of what Sony and director Daniel Espinosa have planned for the film.

According to the THS breakdown, Morbius is looking for two additional leads, including a villain who will be a friend to Dr. Michael Morbius (Leto), but turn on him after his vampire transformation. Check out the specific casting details, below:

"The casting department was auditioning males, 30-40 years old for the role with actors Riz Ahmed and Rami Malek held in mind as prototypes for the role. Additionally, Sony is reportedly looking at "actresses of any ethnicity, ages 25-40," for the role of "an intelligent cutthroat businesswoman."

The current speculation is that the male lead will be a new spin on Marvel Comics character Emil Nikos, who was Michael's lab partner and friend, dedicated to helping cure his rare blood disease. However, when Michael accidentally transforms himself into Morbius the Living Vampire, Emil tragically becomes the first victim of his friend's bloodlust.

As for the female role: rumor is that its Martine Bancroft, Michael's lover and fiancee. Martine was the one who discovers Niko's body, learning what has happened to Michael through his experiment notes. She stays by his side after his transformation, but tragically ends up becoming a vampire herself.

Both character rumors seem very plausible, as they make up the basic foundation of a Morbius origin story. THS goes on to speculate that Sony's Comic-Con 2018 panel could feature this Morbius casting news, if the studio announces some big-name co-stars that will join Leto in the film. We have no confirmation on that yet one way or the other - so stay tuned to our Comic-Con coverage.

Read below for some additional details about Morbius' story that THS put out earlier this summer:


"...the film is the 'Horror action story of a scientist who, in trying to find a cure for a rare blood disease, accidentally transformed himself into a living vampire who, though disgusted by his own bloodlust, chooses to prey upon criminals he deems unworthy of life.'"

Venom will hit theaters on October 5th; Morbius will be released on a date TBA.