'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' Trailer Release Date Potentially Leaked

A lot of mystery still surrounds X-Men: Dark Phoenix as the film's June release date creeps closer, but we might have an idea of when new footage could debut.

In a now-deleted tweet, the official Japanese Twitter account for Dark Phoenix shared a brief teaser for the film, which appeared to hint at a trailer being released on February 28th. The video, a copy of which has since been uploaded by a fan, shows Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) and Scott Summers (Tye Sheridan) embracing each other, alongside a "2.28" written in fiery text.

Seeing as the film's first trailer was released all the way back in September, it certainly stands to reason that a new trailer could soon be on the way. While it remains to be seen if February 28th is actually when the trailer will debut, it certainly will be a date that fans will keep an eye on.

The film will follow Jean Grey as she becomes endued with her Dark Phoenix powers, something that draws a line between the remainder of the X-Men.

"Everybody's much older, [Cyclops] is a professor at the School for the Gifted," Sheridan said during a convention appearance last month. "He and Jean have been in a relationship now and they have a strong connection with each other. Over the course of the movie, something happens and she kind of goes crazy. And so he's really dealing with the loss of that person– everybody is dealing with the loss of this person and it kinda divides up the X-Men. So, some really really interesting character dynamics happening in the movie, and it's real exciting because I think he's a much more mature version than he was in the last one, and I think the relationship with Jean is something we got to explore a lot."

And while the film could be one of the last films in the franchise, before Marvel Studios acquires the rights to the X-Men characters, it sounds like Dark Phoenix still will swing for the fences.

"I see it as a new chapter," Simon Kinberg, who is directing the film, said late last year. "I see it as taking the franchise in a different direction tonally. And that doesn’t mean that the next one will have the same tone, it just means that the next one can have a different tone. I think for many years, the X-Men, Bryan [Singer] really transformed the superhero genre in 2000 or 2001 when the first one came out. That’s almost 20 years ago. It is a long time ago. And at that time, superhero movies were not wildly popular, actually. There had been a few failures in the mid-90s, and there hadn’t been a lot of superhero movies, if any, around that time and X-Men sort of was revolutionary in its moment.


"But that was 20 years ago and I think, I really felt like it time to really change the look, the feel, the tone, the vibe of these movies. And that doesn’t mean this is the one going forward, it just means that if it's me or whoever directs the next one, you can make it different, and you have to make it different."

X-Men: Dark Phoenix will debut on June 7th.