War of the Realms #6 Review: A Delightfully Bonkers Conclusion to an Action-Packed Event

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Six issues and dozens of tie-in issues later, the end of War of the Realms has arrived, and there's little debate to be had: it stuck the landing. From the moment the cover of the event's first issue opened, each panel was filled with beautifully drawn, action-packed art and it—the main series, at least—never let up on the gas pedal all the way through to the end. When reviewing this book in the past, I've mentioned that it's as close to a cinematic feel as you'll ever receive in sequential storytelling... Yet here we are, with War of the Realms #6, and the creative team manages to top themselves again.

By the end of the final issue, you're all but guaranteed to have a jaw-dropping reaction as #6 seemingly has a twist and turn on every single page. For fans of Jason Aaron and his run on Thor, there are several moments throughout this issue that will excite your pants off.

And even if you haven't kept up with Aaron and his Thor run, that still doesn't take away from how big of an issue this is. Even with some of Marvel's biggest movers and shakers in one issue, it never really feels too busy. It's, by and large, a Thor story, there's no denying that, but the story arcs of Daredevil, The Punisher, and Captain Marvel feel far from shoehorned into the series.

There were a few moments in the issue where Chris Hemsworth's likeness appeared evident. Not just using his appearance from Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War either—there were some major "Thicc Thor" vibes throughout the whole issue that wind up culminating in one of the wildest Thor-with-a-hammer panels you'll ever see in a comic book.

Once the war itself begins winding down, there are a series of panels that set up the next story arcs for the characters, with each plot getting just one panel that ultimately comes across as incredibly rushed and forced—they almost feel unnatural, in fact. Looking back on it, that may be my biggest criticism with the book, but have no fear, the last few pages will make you forget those bits were ever a thing.

I'd be remiss if I ended this without raving about Dauterman and Wilson's job on the art throughout the past six issues. Dauterman's incredibly clean art—including the sound effects-turned panels, which are astonishing in their own right—and Wilson's layered coloring style creates complex art that's easy to take in panel after panel.

At the end of the day, War of the Realms brought back a certain gravitas to Marvel Comics and their events offerings, something that's certainly been missing of late. With Aaron's time with the God of Thunder soon coming to an end, you can definitely tell he gave it his all writing this miniseries, and for a good cause; this very well may go down as the most memorable spectacle event from the House of Ideas in the past few years.

Published by Marvel Comics

On June 25, 2019

Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Russell Dauterman


Colors by Matt Wilson

Letters by Joe Sabino