Marvel Fan Discovers Avengers: Endgame Continuity Error

There is no question that Avengers: Endgame is a massive undertaking, and that means that some things are just going to fall through the cracks. Marvel fans keep finding small things that most people wouldn't notice but nonetheless break the illusion during the movie. This time one observant person posted a picture of the before and after from the scene where some of the Avengers try to board the elevator.

Thor and Iron Man tell Hulk to slow down before hopping into the tiny space because of worries about the weight limit. This of course sets in motion a number of fun plot-points to be explored later like "Where did Loki escape to with the stone?" and "What happens to that Captain America that present Cap knocks out?" The poster subtly points to the backgrounds of the elevators being really different in the two screenshots.

Literally Unwatchable

Otherwise, the staging is pretty intense. They make everything at the top of the tower look strikingly similar to the scenes from the original team-up movie. There will always be people with this sort of attention to detail, though. After all, there have been numerous occasions of people finding inconsistencies in Endgame. No moment from the film is free from wondering, especially that final battle sequence with Thanos' army.

Ant-Man plays a small, but pivotal role in handing the Mad Titan his defeat in Endgame. His major part in the colossal battle was teaming up with the Wasp to hotwire Luis' van with the smaller Quantum Tunnel stashed in the back. A movie that has flowed like a heist movie continues to riff on that theme with the Infinity Gauntlet handoff sequence with the van serving as a finish line to finally end all the time travel adventures once and for all.

The insect hero team tell Captain America that they're going to fix the Quantum Tunnel and fly to the van to initiate the process. Upon arriving there, they realize that the machine will need to be fixed. Scott Lang even tells the team that he will need like 10 minutes to get things back up and running. That is what makes his next on-screen appearance so confusing.


Black Panther grabs the Stark Gauntlet from Hawkeye and races to get the glove all the way to the van. In the background, fans clearly see Ant-Man's super-sized form pushing one of the giant Chitauri monsters through a portal created by Doctor Strange and the mystics. That happens less than a minute after Lang and Hope Van Dyne are trying to get that Quantum machinery back online.

These are small nitpicks, but it is the thing that fans will ask about after a movie is released. Who knows what else will surface as fans have more and more time with film, as it is available on home video now.

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