'Avengers' Stars to Assemble at Oscars Ahead of 'Endgame'

This year's Academy Awards ceremony is still without a host, following the departure of Kevin Hart, but that doesn't mean that the Oscars with be without some superheroic backup. As of now, it looks like the Academy is pulling out all the stops to get Marvel's Avengers stars on stage together for the event.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Oscars will be moving forward with a variety of different celebrity speakers and presenters, foregoing a traditional host. With that in mind, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has reportedly been scrambling to put together an all-star roster of talent, and who could be bigger than the Avengers themselves?

The new report suggests that the producers of the ceremony are currently working to sign up as many Marvel Studios stars as possible, with the hopes that all of them on stage together will help get audiences excited and invested. There aren't yet details about how the Avengers stars could be incorporated into the show, but producer Donna Gigliotti and co-producer/director Glenn Weiss are keen on having them all there.

Sources indicate that many of these stars were specifically asked not to present at the recent Golden Globes to help ensure that their participation in the Oscars would have a much more profound impact.

If the actors behind the world's mightiest movie franchise do happen to make their way to the Oscars stage, it could be a great time for Disney and Marvel to drop the next trailer for Avengers: Endgame, which hits theaters on April 26th. Many people will be looking for the trailer to arrive a couple of weeks earlier than that, during the Super Bowl in early February, but the Oscars present a much better opportunity for Disney as a whole.

While more people watch the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards, football's biggest game is airing on CBS this year. The Academy Awards are airing on ABC, the network owned by Disney. Letting people know that the Avengers cast will be on hand to introduce a new trailer would be a sure-fire way for Disney to keep everything in house, and assure that there is more attention on the Oscars, which desperately need some positive buzz this year following the Kevin Hart debacle.


Do you think the Avengers will make it to the Oscars this year? Could the February 24th air date mark the arrival of the new Endgame trailer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Avengers: Endgame is set to arrive on April 26th.