2016 ComicBook.com Movie Awards Vote: Best Comic Book Movie Director

Once the script is handed over, the fate of a comic book movie is in the hands of the director. With such a great power comes a massive responsibility. Some directors have learned how to handle it all better than others.

The best director category is selected to honor the filmmakers who poured their hearts into a comic book movie to create a character both true to the comic book counterparts of the characters with which they have worked and a satisfying experience for moviegoers.

In 2016, Scott Derrickson faced plastering a bizarre imagination on the big screen. The Russo Brothers were handed over a dozen key Marvel heroes and tasked with tearing the Avengers apart. Zack Snyder united DC Comics' most iconic batch of heroes for the first time while David Ayer brought together the villains of the same universe. Then, there's Tim Miller, who brought us the first well-received R-rated comic book movie with loads of action, humor, and violence in Deadpool.

The nominees for Best Comic Book Movie Director are:



Best Visual Effects / Best Score / Best Reimagined Character / Best First Big Screen Appearance / Best Franchise Movie / Best Comic Book Movie Fight Scene / Best Comic Book Movie Director / Best Comic Book Movie Actress / Best Comic Book Movie Actor / Best Comic Book Movie

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