A Look Inside Of Hong Kong Disney's Iron Man Experience Ride

Walt Disney theme parks have offered up a new detailed look at the upcoming Iron Man Experience attraction. The new ride will open in Hong Kong Disneyland in early 2017 but for now, the crew behind the ride and Marvel Comics mastermind Stan Lee are opening up about the production.

Creative executive Red Robledo describes the ride as though guests were stepping inside of a "very large Iron Man suit." Riders will fly over to the new Stark Tower where they will see the world's largest arc reactor.

"We've set this up as the next Stark Expo after the one he did in 2010 in New York," executive story developer Steven Spiegel said. "He is showcasing his latest and greatest products from Stark Industries."

"The ultimate thing is to get on this brand new Iron Wing," Spiegel said. The Iron Wing seats up to 44 guests.

Iron Man Experience

"I think the audience in Hong Kong will go crazy for this experience," Marvel Comics writer and creator of Iron Man, Stan Lee said. "Anybody who goes to a Disney theme park loves color and spectacle and excitement and adventure, and that's all that Iron Man is. It embodies all of those things. I didn't dream it would be such a big production and such a beautiful production. There's something about Iron Man that seems to fascinate people."


The Iron Man Experience has a few more months until it opens to the public. It has been under constructions for close to three years in Hong Kong Disneyland's Tomorrowland section of the park.

The Iron Man Experience is hardly the only comic book tv/movie attraction heading to theme parks in recent years. MGM's Tower of Tower is currently being reimagined as a Guardians of the Galaxy ride and Universal Studios Hollywood unleashed their Walking Dead Attraction earlier this year.