'Agents Of SHIELD' Cast Celebrates 100th Episode

Marvel Television's flagship series just reached a major milestone that fans will get to witness [...]

Marvel Television's flagship series just reached a major milestone that fans will get to witness early next year, as Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. just wrapped filming their 100th episode.

The cast and crew celebrated the achievement with a photograph featuring cast members Ming-Na Wen, Chloe Bennet, Clark Gregg, Henry Simmons, Elizabeth Henstridge, and Iain De Caestecker.

Executive producers Maurissa Tancharoen, Jed Whedon, Jeph Loeb and Jeffrey Bell were joined by co-executive producer Garry Brown, President of ABC Entertainment Group Channing Dungey and President of ABC Studios Patrick Moran for the cake-cutting event, featuring a dessert adorned with SHIELD and HYDRA logos.

(Photo: ABC)

The upcoming season of Agents of SHIELD seems to be building off of the success of its latest string of episodes, involving the inclusion of Ghost Rider, Life Model Decoys, and a jaunt through an artificial reality ruled by HYDRA.

The newest season begins with the team abducted and transported via another monolith into outer space. Marvel and ABC recently released a 17-minute preview of the season premiere, showing exactly what happened after that Season Four cliffhanger, potentially teasing some time travel as well.

In the preview, when the team arrives to the derelict space station they are met by a relieved crew member named Virgil.

"I've been studying you for years," Virgil says to the team. "You're history. I always believed. I mean, I had moments, they tried to take that last bit away from me. But I always believed the stories were true."

When asked about the stories, he says "This one. That you would come."

But before he can reveal any more information, he is stabbed in the head by a Vrellnexian, sending the agents on the run.

It's not clear how long this specific arc will last or if the current season will adopt the same "pod" storyline format as the previous season, but Jeph Loeb told ComicBook.com that the 100th episode will be a major event in the series.

"Look, this is not going to come as a surprise to anyone that's ever seen a 100th episode, that there will be a significant event," Loeb said. "That's all I can tell you. They gotta get home from space!"

We'll see what happens next year when the 100th episode airs.

Agents of SHIELD premieres this Friday, December 1, on ABC.