Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan Hilariously Address Tom Holland Sony Situation

The Sony Marvel split dominated the news cycle going into D23, and while Disney's announcements at the convention pretty much quieted those for a bit, the situation did come up here and there. One such situation was during an interview with Variety, where Marvel Cinematic Universe stars Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan were asked a question and Mackie couldn't resist bringing up Spider-Man star Tom Holland. Mackie said "Sebastian is a great guy. If all else fails we can just try and kill Tom Holland."

Stan started laughing and told him thanks for selling them down the river in regards to the topic, and the interviewer asked if they still thought of him (though it's hard to make out what exactly she said to them.)

"Of course we will, of course we will, of course we will," Mackie said. "We will always have little Tom, right here. Right here little Tom." Mackie then drew a circle around his heart, and Stan decided to jump into song.

"Tom, you are always on my mind," Stan sang with a wink. "You are always on my mind."

"Love you little Tom," Mackie said.


You can check out the entire video above, which included the caption "Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan say that they'll look out for Tom Holland: "Tom, you are always on my mind" #D23 #WinterSoldier"

This back and forth is a big part of the reason fans love this duo so much, and that Mackie will just address things like this without filtering it out. We're sure they still love Holland and are just as hopeful that a deal gets worked out as the fans, as Holland was viewed as a little brother not only to Mackie and Stan but also Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr., and more. Here's hoping Avengers: Endgame wasn't the last we see of Holland in the MCU.