Anthony Russo Explains That Civil War Concept Art That Showed Ant-Man Fighting Captain America

Ant-Man was very clearly on Team Captain America throughout his entire run in Captain America: [...]


Ant-Man was very clearly on Team Captain America throughout his entire run in Captain America: Civil War. During development though, that wasn't the case all along. Like many characters during development, Ant-Man's alliance flip flopped but ultimately the filmmakers decided that he belonged with Cap.

A piece of concept art from Civil War surfaced online earlier this week showing Ant-Man doing battle with Captain America prompting questions of Scott Lang's loyalties. got to the bottom of it while talking to the sibling directors of Captain America: Civil War, Anthony and Joe Russo.

"Very early on in the process, before there's even much of a narrative thought out at all, we do begin a process of visual exploration and just in terms of what kind of imagery excites us from the comics, and what kind of possibilities exist in the movie when we sort of translate the comic into the movie," Anthony Russo explains during an exclusive interview with

"Marvel has a very talented visual development team, a lot of great artists, and we just kind of go fishing for ideas and imagery that could either spark narrative ideas or what not," Anthony Russo goes on. "What you were seeing there, I think once we started getting into the narrative, pretty early on, Ant Man was allied with Cap. I think the story mechanics went that way pretty quickly. It wasn't like he was bouncing back and forth between sides. That artwork must have predated that."

The Marvel Cinematic Universe's plans are always changing. Not only did early concepts of Civil War clearly consider having Ant-Man align with fellow tech genius Tony Stark but The Wasp's inclusion was also tossed around prior to production. While Hope van Dyne came close to making the cut, the X-Men were never in consideration according to the Russo Brothers (which comes as no surprise, seeing as rights to the character belong to 20th Century Fox).

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The new art work was released in promotion of the upcoming digital download release of Captain America: Civil War on September 2 and DVD/blu-ray which is available on September 13.