'Avengers 4' Trailer Reportedly in the Process of Being Converted to IMAX

It looks like the Avengers 4 trailer might be coming sooner rather than later, as a new rumor suggests that Marvel is currently in the process of converting the footage into IMAX formats.

On Tuesday evening, Twitter user @ImAFilmEditor took to the social media site to tease that the Avengers 4 trailer was going through DMR, or digital media remastering. The account used the words "Teaser," "IMAX," and "DMR" in the tweet, along with a hashtag for Avengers 4.

Check out the tweet below!

This may seem like nothing, considering it's just a Twitter account with a couple thousand followers. However, the user, who goes by the name Vahn, has been right about these trailer reports in the past.

As Vahn pointed out in another tweet on Tuesday night, the account correctly reported the arrival of trailers for recent Star Wars films. While Vahn never predicted the exact date, earlier tweets did indicate that the trailers and teasers were going through the DMR process, just like the Avengers 4 footage. Those previous movie trailers then arrived within weeks of the tweets.

So, if the account is right, as it has been in the past, the first Avengers 4 teaser could be arriving sometime in the next two or three weeks. This could potentially make sense given Disney's upcoming release schedule.

Disney has both Ralph Breaks the Internet and The Nutcracker and the Four Realms hitting theaters in November, both of which could be excuses to drop the Avengers 4 trailer. People are going to see Ralph Breaks the Internet, so there's an opportunity for the studio to get eyes on the trailer. There's also the case of the Nutcracker movie, which looks to be one of Disney's least successful films of the year. Putting the trailer in theaters with that movie would be a good way to guarantee people actually buy tickets.

Either way, it looks like there's a decent chance we could be seeing the Avengers 4 teaser before November is out.


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Avengers 4 is set to hit theaters on May 3, 2019.