Avengers: Endgame Writers Reveal Gamora's Post-Endgame Fate

To date, Gamora's (Zoe Saldana) fate after Avengers: Endgame has largely been a question mark. [...]

To date, Gamora's (Zoe Saldana) fate after Avengers: Endgame has largely been a question mark. Though fans have debated whether the character was dusted in Tony Stark's (Robert Downey Jr.) snap at the end of the film, it appears the time-traveling Zen-Whoberian is alive and well. That is, of course, according to Avengers: Endgame writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.

Earlier in the day, Markus and McFeely had their very own panel at San Diego Comic-Con and while there, they confirmed that to their knowledge, the time-traveling Gamora from 2014 survived Stark's snap. The writers say she slipped away and anticipate her story picking back up in James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

It should be explained that the version of Gamora that traveled through time in Avengers: Endgame was a version of the character before what we saw even in Guardians of the Galaxy, hence the reason some thought she may have been snapped — at the time, she was still technically part of Thanos' forces.

Just last month, Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo skirted around the question, playing coy and not hitting the question head-on.

"The argument could be that Tony wished away all the evil," Joe Russo mentioned. "Was she evil or just the enemy? Is she still alive? Who knows, that's a story for another time."

Anthony essentially went on to echo the sentiment, asking "If Tony wanted to get rid of Thanos and his entire army, was she still part of his army?"

The timeline's still a bit murky when it comes to Gunn's work on Vol. 3, though it's fully expected he was well aware of the events of the last two Avengers films when writing the script. The filmmaker did, after all, eventually get credit as an executive producer on the films. Either way, the Guardians threequel is shaping up to be a jam-packed affair, with some other reports suggesting characters like Moondragon, the High Evolutionary, and Lylla would be making an appearance.

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Avengers: Endgame hits digitally July 30th ahead of a home media release on August 13th. Spider-Man: Far From Home is now in theaters while Captain Marvel is available wherever movies are sold.