Avengers: Endgame Theory Says Captain America May Have Turned Himself Into a Hydra Agent

Captain America might not have played the most significant role in Avengers: Endgame, but he was still instrumental throughout the film. One fan on Reddit has zeroed into one of the funnier moments in the movie and theorized that Cap might have turned himself into a HYDRA agent accidentally. The poster then goes on to explain how this development could tie into the upcoming Disney+ Loki series.

Fans will remember Steve Rogers using his knowledge of the future to his advantage in securing the Tesseract back in the past. The hero was in an elevator full of Hydra agents and caught them all off-guard by whispering "Hail Hydra" when they asked what he was doing with the staff. This of course results in Cap having to fight a past version of himself, as the older version believes that his future self is Loki in disguise. Rogers knocks his double out with the scepter and goes on his way.

Captain America may have unwittingly turned himself into a HYDRA agent. from r/FanTheories

ConstantCompile proposes that by using the stone to knock out past Cap, the hero could have put himself on the road to becoming a double agent in that timeline. Those Hydra agents on the elevator could end up finding him laying there and take him back to their headquarters for debriefing. The poster even goes so far as to wonder if Captain Americacould end up being an antagonist in the Loki Disney+ series because of this small exchange.

The logic in the Reddit post is pretty easy to follow, but audiences couldn't keep track of which Captain America was which during test screenings. Due to this confusion, the sequence had to be changed before the final cut was shipped to theaters. The visual effects team added in a cowl on the past version of Cap to solve the problem.

Comicbook.com spoke with Lola VFX's Trent Claus earlier this year. The visual effects supervisor had some comments about this particular Captain America battle:

"Depending on the shot, and it really varied by shot, sometimes Chris would play the Cap that's most visible to the camera, and the opposite would be played by a stunt double, sometimes Chris would play both Caps," Claus recounts. "We would shoot it twice, once with him in one role and once in the other role, so obviously, in each case then, he's playing opposite a stunt double, and then when it comes to the final comps, what you see on screen, it's always Chris's face."


"Both Caps, whether it be Chris Evans at the time or a stunt double, are wearing Captain America suits," he continued said. "Then neither one of them were wearing a helmet or a cowl at the time. After the fact, in the edit, the filmmakers decided in order to make it easier to tell which one is which, we would add a CG helmet onto the 2012 version, so in the final film you see the 2012 version wearing a helmet, and that was completely added digitally after the fact."

Avengers: Endgame managed to wrap Steve Rogers' story up into a bow, but it is still unclear how that past version was affected by the events of the film. Hopefully, the Reddit post above was just a very sharp theory instead of a dark turn for the character.