Alternate War Machine Armor From Avengers: Endgame Revealed

Avengers: Endgame could have had War Machine looking way different according to some new concept [...]

Avengers: Endgame could have had War Machine looking way different according to some new concept art. Phil Saunders dropped some of the wild looks on his Instagram and on ArtStation. In these tweaks to the design, War Machine is sporting some etching on that armor, and one of the designs completely rethinks the chest area of the power suit. It's interesting to think how these changes could have been explained away with the time skip as an excuse, or that Rhodey got a power bump for that wild final confrontation. At any rate, see what Saunders had to say on Instagram down below:

"An alternate take on #warmachine mkVI for #avengersendgame. This one would have transformed into what ultimately became #ironpatriot mkII at the end of the movie, so I was channeling @adigranov's design sensibilities," the artist said.

The Iron Man mainstay also had an interview with ET Online earlier this year. He revealed when Armor Wars would begin filming and shared some excitement for the road ahead on Disney+.

He began, "It's going to be dope. We're really going to have a chance to explore a lot of stuff about [James] Rhodes. I mean, you look at what we've done so far, there's a lot left to be explored. So I think there's a lot of real estate that we're going to dig into. "It's going to be just fully wide open. We're going to start filming in a couple months and we'll see."

Cheadle previously told BroBible that Tony Stark's death and the fallout from it would be key in Armor Wars. "The death of Tony Stark, I'm pretty sure, will play a role in the series," The War Machine actor said.

He continued to sketch how the series would move Rhodey's character forward. "Where we've been sort of progressing Rhodey—even in the last film where he's now up again and he's now walking again and he's now mobile again—so as the technology continues to develop and we keep making innovations in the suit and what happens, I imagine there's gonna be another elevation and another way that we're going to keep digging into that part of Rhodey," he continued. "But really, figuring out a way to bridge what's happening in the comic books with what's happening on screen in the MCU and how we're going to make those worlds work, that's really exciting."

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