New Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary Video Shows Infinity Gauntlet With More Stones In It

Marvel Studios is celebrating a big anniversary in 2018. The company’s Marvel Cinematic Universe [...]

Marvel Studios is celebrating a big anniversary in 2018. The company's Marvel Cinematic Universe will turn ten this year, and it is celebrating in a big way. This morning, a class photo of the franchise's biggest stars hit the web, and a reel of new behind-the-scenes film footage just went live.

So, if you need an inside-look at the next Avengers film, you are in luck.

As you can see below, the official Twitter page for Marvel Studios posted a video containing BTS footage of Avengers: Infinity War. The reel was made to promote a contest which the company is holding to give super-fans the chance of a lifetime. Marvel Studios is holding a contest to bring ten of its biggest fans to the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War and also give them a tour of Marvel Studios as well as the set of Captain Marvel.

However, plenty of fans are more interested in the video's BTS footage.

The clip may be short, but it gives fans a look inside the third Avengers film. Fans can see Elizabeth Olsen training for her fight sequences in the film, and that's not all. Chris Pratt is shown dressed as Star-Lord in a wire rig with his gun blazing. However, it is the reel's look at the Infinity Gauntlet that has fans most impressed.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

One scene shows the treasured Infinity Gauntlet prop with more stones in it than ever before. The BTS footage shows the weapon with four gems in it compared to the two fans saw in the Avengers film's first trailer. The Power and Space Stone have been joined by the Mind Stone and Reality Stone. So, who wants to guess where the Soul Stone is still hiding...?

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