Iron Man and Doctor Strange Clash in 'Avengers: Infinity War'

With Avengers: Infinity War less than two weeks away, fans have seen Iron Man and Doctor Strange [...]

With Avengers: Infinity War less than two weeks away, fans have seen Iron Man and Doctor Strange interact in many of the teasers and trailers for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film, but it sounds like the two heroes may not quite see eye-to-eye.

During a recent press conference for Infinity War (via CNA Lifestyle), Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr. talked about the dynamic between their characters with Cumberbatch revealing that there would be a bit of clashing between Doctor Strange and Iron Man.

"Yeah, the clash of the egotistical sort of vainglorious goatees, definitely," Cumberbatch said. There's a lot of grown up in the room kind of thing."

The idea of Doctor Strange being the "adult in the room" is something that Cumberbatch has explained before with the idea that Strange has to get Iron Man to focus on the imminent threat before them, but he went on to explain at the press conference that the clash that results from that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

"We do, we have a bit of a clash and that's not a bad thing and that's something to enjoy in the film, without spoiling anything, to see how that relationship unfolds," he said.

Downey Jr. agreed, but went a bit further. The Iron Man actor explained that once Tony Stark understands that Doctor Strange's ability to have an idea of how each scenario works out, Tony will want to start working with Strange instead of clashing with him.

"I mean I should have known this just by watching it, but by being a big fan of the Doctor Strange standalone, too, if you think about it logically if you want to, superhero movies, Strange is the guy who actually can, if he has the wherewithal to do it, he's the one who can run through all the outcomes and actually figure out what the most likely scenario is going to be," Downey Jr. said. "And I think once Tony recognizes that that's something that even though he thinks it might be within his control ultimately there's a spiritual solution and if someone has the ability to have that kind of intuition, he can only stay at odds with them for so long."

Doctor Strange's ability to see the outcome of the most likely scenario is something that's been teased at in a recent television spot for Avengers: Infinity War. In the spot, Doctor Strange tells Iron Man that he's looked forward in time to see "all the possible outcomes", but the look on his face isn't particularly positive when Tony asks if there are any where they win. I could very well be the sobering reveal that Tony needs to work with Doctor Strange. After all, as Cumberbatch explained, the two characters aren't that different despite their approaches.

"For someone who's a brilliant industrialist, materialist, someone whose logic and science works through the medium of technology as opposed to my going into the Eastern mysticism sort of ... understanding of the cosmos and the multiverse, you would think there's not much of a Venn diagram, but there is," Cumberbatch said. "There completely is."

Marvel Studios' Black Panther is now playing in theaters. Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27, 2018. It is followed by Ant-Man and The Wasp on July 6, 2018. Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8, 2019, while the fourth Avengers movie lands on May 3, 2019. The sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming hits on July 5, 2019, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 lands in 2020.

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