'Avengers: Infinity War': Is Pepper Potts Pregnant?

While she's not a major player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe overall, Pepper Potts is a huge figure in Tony Stark's life. The development of Pepper and Tony's relationship was an important part of all three of the Iron Man movies and Pepper is important to Tony in Avengers: Infinity War, too but fans have been left with a very serious question about the love of Tony's life.

Warning! There are spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War beyond this point!

Early in Infinity War, Pepper and Tony are seen together in a park with Tony telling Pepper about an extremely realistic dream he had where they had a baby they named Morgan. When Tony tells Pepper this, she says she's not pregnant and points out that Tony would genuinely have to leave Iron Man behind for good -- again -- for them to be able to start a family. Their conversation is cut short when Doctor Strange shows up and says he needs Tony's help and it's the last time Tony sees Pepper in Infinity War (she does call him while he leaves Earth on Ebony Maw's Q-Ship, giving him what sounds like an ultimatum before the transmission cuts out.)

But, despite Pepper's denial, could she actually be pregnant? The obvious answer is yes, she could. Maybe she's too early in her pregnancy to realize something is going on -- that happens all the time in the real world. It's also possible that she is pregnant and knows it. It would account for the look on her face when Tony reveals his dream as well as why she called him knowing that he was likely heading into space -- first she was shocked about Tony's dream revealing something she hadn't yet told him and then, what expectant mother wouldn't be completely freaked out when the father of her child ended up on an alien invasion ship heading into space? Pepper could absolutely be pregnant. The question is how it would fit into the overall story going into Avengers 4.

One possibility is a rather heartbreaking one. Some have suggested that Pepper being pregnant with Tony's child could be a huge part of Avengers 4's ending. How? Well, consider the scene on Titan where Doctor Strange reveals that he's looked into the future and out of over 14 million possible outcomes there is only one where the heroes prevail. Strange also ends up giving Thanos the Time Stone, and later tells Tony it's the only way -- and even says "I'm sorry, Tony." It's possible that Strange's apology is rooted in what it means for the heroes to prevail. If Thanos destroying half the universe is part of the one scenario where the heroes win, it's something that could be reversed or resolved in Avengers 4. That resolution could come at a high price -- Tony never getting to be a father as he dies with Pepper pregnant with his child.

It would be a devastating end, but oddly somehow fitting for Tony, the ultimate sacrifice to protect those he loves.

Of course, the MCU might surprise us and give Tony and Pepper a truly happily ever after. It could happen. Right?


Avengers: Infinity War is now playing in theaters.

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