'Avengers: Infinity War' Is Structured By Thanos Hunting Infinity Stones

Thanos' hunt for the Infinity Stones will serve as the structure setting the course for Avengers: Infinity War's narrative.

"[Infinity] Stones serve the structure," Avengers: Infinity War co-director Anthony Russo told members of the press on the ensemble film's set. "It's the bedrock of the film."

"It's a key driver to the movie," Joe Russo adds. "We have quite a few McGuffins in this movie that have different relationships to different people. Doctor Strange is the bearer of an infinity stone. He has been charged with protecting that infinity stone. There are a lot of characters that will come into direct conflict with Thanos."

By the sounds of it, the Hulk is one of the characters who will meet the Mad Titan, and get quite a terrifying impression of his capabilities. Thanos will be out for the Infinity Stones "more so than he has at any point in the past," making " a more effective move for the Stones than he has ever in the past."

"So Thanos decides to do it, he really goes for it, and he's kind of one step ahead of our heroes during the movie," Joe Russo continues. "And he puts them through a lot of pain, I guess, in the process of that."


"If you took Darth Vader, and you multiplied him times ten..." Anthony Russo adds. "Our job with Thanos is to make him the preeminent villain in the Marvel universe. That is his role in the comics, that's his role in these movies, and in order to be a preeminent villain, you have to do some pretty bad things."

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