'Avengers: Infinity War' Director Reveals Thanos "Doesn't Have a Weakness"

When the Mad Titan finally crashes down on Earth, he will be one of the most cunning, ruthless, [...]

When the Mad Titan finally crashes down on Earth, he will be one of the most cunning, ruthless, and dangerous enemies the Avengers have ever faced.

One of the directors of Avengers: Infinity War spoke about Thanos and why he's the biggest threat Earth's Mightiest have encountered, teasing the overwhelming odds stacked against the Marvel Cinematic Universe's assembly of superheroes.

"He's stronger than the Hulk," Joe Russo said to Empire Magazine. "He's more like Genghis Khan. He's a force of nature. He has a spiritual wisdom well beyond all the other characters. He is a conqueror of worlds. He doesn't have a weakness, and that's what makes him so threatening."

The character, who is being portrayed through motion-capture technology by Josh Brolin, is obsessed with finding the Infinity Stones and wiping out half of the life in the universe, according to the new trailer.

The actors who have shared scenes with Brolin have praised his menacing on-camera demeanor.

"Josh is terrifying," said Spider-Man actor Tom Holland. "He has to wear this stupid mo-cap costume with big, rolling polystyrene shoulders and a tennis ball two feet above his head. He looks ridiculous, but as soon as the cameras roll he becomes this nine foot tall, terrifying alien."

"I love him," added Robert Downey Jr. "Brolin doesn't take himself seriously, but there's a lot of weight in how he's portraying this guy. We literally are all a little bit scared when he's done cracking wise and steps into it. Get ready, brother. The Brolin Effect is coming."

Avengers: Infinity War co-writer Stephen McFeely spoke about the difficulty of how to present Thanos in the movie, fleshing him out so he's not a by-the-numbers supervillain.

"One of the big challenges is how to make sure he's not just a relentless machine collecting stones like he's going shopping," McFeely said. "So we want to give him a full weighted emotional story. You can kind of say this is Thanos' origin story so that he will get the weight of any of the previous heroes in terms of the decisions he has to make in order to get what he wants."

Every good villain sees themselves as the hero of their own story, and Thanos — despite his genocidal intentions — will be no different.

"Villain is a derogatory term that Thanos wouldn't agree with," Markus said. "Another one of the things we set out to do in this was, if Thanos is just a bad guy, then you're dead in the water. It's just a bad guy, you know? You get bored pretty quickly after he's torn off the first few heads and we have two movies."

We'll see how the Mad Titan's quest turns out when Avengers: Infinity War premieres in theaters on April 27th.