'Avengers: Infinity War' - Someone Has Made Thor's Stormbreaker

Thor forged a one of a kind Thanos-killing weapon in Avengers: Infinity War named Stormbreaker, [...]

Thor forged a one of a kind Thanos-killing weapon in Avengers: Infinity War named Stormbreaker, and now Mat At Arms is bringing it into real life.

Thor lost his trusty hammer Mjolnir in Thor: Ragnarok, but he gains a brand new weapon in Infinity War called Stormbreaker. The hammer ax combination is incredibly lethal, and even has a handle made by the lovable tree himself Groot. Man At Arms decided to take on the slick new weapon, but instead of just casting it they are going straight to the forge.

First, the foundation has to be laid, and that features a process of hammering out the shape of the ax portion and leaving the other side rounded out. Some stylish overlays are then implemented to give it the look from the film, but first a lengthy process of hole punching a large chunk of metal starts.

Once that is done a hole can be seen straight through the thick metal, and then they start on the ax side. Once the base shape and slots are done it is taken to the refinement portion of the process, as the blade and hammer sides are grounded to smooth finishes.

As they mention in the video, they make the surrounding parts of the hammer out of 316 steel, as if they made it pure like the striking surface this weapon would end up being around 400 lbs, and at that point, only an Asgardian could actually pick it up.

Each piece of this weapon are made up of smaller welds and overlays, but then end those rough edges are smoothed out to make it look like one piece.

More grind-work continues to shape the axe, which by this point is getting quite heavy, but having the handle will alleviate that somewhat. As fans know, the handle for Stormbreaker in Infinity War is actually Groot's arm, and Man At Arms was going to be authentic to the film. They took a 4x4 and sanded it down to the shape they wanted, and then went to the narrow wheel to carve in a tree branch like texture. It has to be sturdy, as the hammerhead itself already weighs 40 to 50 lbs.

By video's end, Stormbreaker is here, and man it looks gorgeous. You can check out the full and polished piece in the video above.

Fans can see Avengers: Infinity War in theaters now.