'Black Panther' Wins Most Oscars in History of Superhero Movies

Black Panther has officially made comic book movie history.With a victory for Best Score, Black [...]

Black Panther has officially made comic book movie history.

With a victory for Best Score, Black Panther officially became the winningest superhero movie in Academy Awards history. The movie surpassed The Dark Knight and The Incredibles, which both won two Oscars.

So far, Black Panther has picked up Oscars wins in Best Costumes, Best Production Design, and Best Original Score. It lost in the Best Original Song (to A Star Is Born), Best Sound Mixing (to Bohemian Rhapsody), and Best Sound Editing (to Bohemian Rhapsody.) We're also still waiting to see whether Black Panther will win the coveted Best Picture award.

Traditionally, comic book movies have gotten snubbed at the Oscars, as only a handful of comic book or superhero movies have even picked up nominations. Outside of The Dark Knight and Black Panther, most superhero movies are recognized by the Academy for visual effect or sound categories. That has changed in recent years, as Logan was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay and Black Panther picked up a Best Picture nomination.

Other notable superhero movies to earn Academy Awards include Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Suicide Squad, Big Hero 6, Spider-Man 2 and the original Superman film.

Notably, Black Panther picked up Marvel Studios first ever Oscar wins, as Big Hero 6 and Spider-Man 2 were produced by Disney and Sony respectively. Into the Spider-Verse is also a Marvel movie not produced by Marvel Studios.


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