Captain America Star Chris Evans Sends A Christmas Message

Marvel's Captain America star Chris Evans has taken to social media to share some well wishes with [...]

Marvel's Captain America star Chris Evans has taken to social media to share some well wishes with his millions of followers. It's a decent consolation prize for fans of his Marvel work because the real gift here would be Evans coming out and saying that he is going to play Steve Rogers and Captain America again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since there are no signs of that happening any time soon, we will have to settle for a holiday wish: "Merry Christmas every! I hope your day is full of love, joy, and gratitude!" Touching.

In the spirit of Christmas, we decided to put the tweet in this article, to save you the trouble of having to open the Twitter app. See Evans' tweet for yourself below!

You didn't think there would be a whole article based on just that one tweet, did you? Well, there almost was, but just before it was written, Cap came in with another heroic moment. The actor shared a picture of his dog in a sweater and, wow, is it adorable. It certainly justifies your effort of clicking into this page more than a simple solo Christmas tweet would have!

Look at that Christmas pupper!

While we are on the topic of Captain America and there is plenty of space left in this article, why not take a look at the top response to his "Merry Christmas," tweet? In the words of Dr. Erik Selvig under the control of Loki in the post-credits scene of the first Thor movie: "Well, that's worth a look."

Have yourself a peek at this holiday themed Captain America shield shared by Twitter user Bruce Saw TROS (which is Bruce letting you know they saw Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, right there in the user name).

Whether or not that photo and shield belongs to Bruce is unknown. It was handy pretty quickly in response to Evans' tweet. Regardless, no one should be mad that it was shared because, if they are, they're probably just mad their own Christmas tree topper is not as marvelous.

Now, go ahead, have a mmerry Christmas. Captain America's orders.