Captain America: Civil War Stan Lee Cameo Revealed

Stan Lee

As is tradition with Marvel films, Stan the Man Lee just made his 29th cameo appearance in Captain America: Civil War.

Spoilers Ahead

In his latest role, Stan Lee stars as a FedEx delivery man towards the end of the film, who is delivering a package to Tony Stark at Avengers HQ. Lee mispronounces Tony Stark's name as Tony Stank, much to the amusement of James "Rhodey" Rhodes. The Russo Brothers went on record saying that they wanted Lee's cameo to also include some forward movement of the plot, and his latest run did just that.

The package he delivers to Stark includes a letter from Steve Rogers. The message is a sort of mea culpa from Rogers about not telling Stark about Bucky's history. An olive branch is also extended, along with a phone and a promise that if he needs Cap, he'll be there.


Having Lee show up later in the film was a nice choice. It allowed me to completely forget that it was even coming, and when it finally did come it was a delightful surprise.