Captain Marvel Actor Confirms They Aren't Returning for The Marvels

In her relatively short career, young actor McKenna Grace has already racked up a number of impressive roles, including playing the young version of Carol Danvers back in 2019's Captain Marvel. With a Captain Marvel sequel set to hit theaters next year, fans are wondering what stars from the debut solo film for the hero could be appearing in The Marvels, though Grace seemingly shut down the idea of her return, though admitted she would be "honored" to get to come back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Marvels hits theaters on July 28, 2023. Grace can next be seen in A Friend of the Family, which premieres on Peacock on October 6th.

When asked by if she would be returning for the film, Grace shared, "Oh, my gosh, I wish. That would be so cool. I've always wanted to do a Marvel film. I did do Captain Marvel, but I have not come back since. And if I do, I will be honored. Hey, that'd be cool."

With Captain Marvel featuring flashbacks to a young Carol at various ages, it seemed like the inclusion of the younger version of the character was specific to that solo outing and won't be a factor in a future adventure.

A Friend of the Family is based on the harrowing true story of the Broberg family, whose daughter Jan (McKenna Grace) was kidnapped multiple times over a period of a few years by a charismatic, obsessed family "friend." The Brobergs -- devoted to their faith, family, and community -- were utterly unprepared for the sophisticated tactics their neighbor used to exploit their vulnerabilities, drive them apart, and turn their daughter against them. This is the story of how their lives were permanently altered -- and how they survived.

Jan Broberg herself served as a producer on the series, who shared the note, "I am Jan Broberg, and A Friend of the Family tells our family's story and my story. We were a loving, trusting, educated family. We were not stupid or careless. So how could this happen in our neighborhood, where we knew everyone, and everyone was a friend? The truth is that most predators are not strangers but people we know -- people who can build trust, create special friendships, and separate family members psychologically.

"As little girls, we talked and we listened around the dinner table every night. Mom and Dad were always there. We were so safe, so loved, so carefree. Then, in 1972, we met the nicest new family at church, with children who matched us in age. A deep friendship ensued. Over several years, our families did hundreds of activities together: church parties, family dinners, boating and snowmobile trips, sleepovers, game nights, movies, and barbecues. Then on a normal afternoon, the father kidnapped me -- and from age 12 to 16 I was sexually assaulted and severely brainwashed by this man who I trusted.

"This story will make you talk, shout, cry -- and it will make you angry. Good. The team of writers, actors, designers, directors, and producers led by Alex Hedlund, Eliza Hittman, and Nick Antosca have captured the heart of how good people can be manipulated and their children victimized. Our story is relatable because so many families have direct experience with this sort of abuse.

"I hope that our story will start conversations -- because secrets live in darkness and silence."

A Friend of the Family debuts on Peacock on October 6th. The Marvels hits theaters on July 28, 2023.

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