Daredevil Star Charlie Cox and More Crash #SaveDaredevil Party

Quesada even took to Twitter to share a few of the trinkets he got from the meetup, including an [...]

save daredevil team
(Photo: Save Daredevil)

There are few fandoms more passionate in the wake of cancellation than #SaveDaredevil, the movement actively lobbying for the continuation of Daredevil on one platform or another. The group gathered at a New York City rooftop bar Saturday afternoon during New York Comic Con and before long, Ol' Hornhead himself, Charlie Cox, appeared to chat it up with the fans gathered.

The fun didn't stop there as Marvel executive Joe Quesada, Daredevil star Susan Varon (Josie), and The Punisher star Royce Johnson (Detective Mahoney) soon joined the festivities. The #SaveDaredevil team has provided ComicBook.com a handful of pictures from the event, which you can find throughout the piece.

charlie cox save daredevil meetup
(Photo: Save Daredevil)

Quesada even took to Twitter to share a few of the trinkets he got from the meetup, including an exclusive #SaveDaredevil pin and coaster. He made sure to point out he was "hanging out with the greatest DD fans in the world!"

Daredevil star Vincent D'Onofrio — though absent from the Comic Con party — has also been a big proponent of the movement, previously revealing on Twitter he's doing whatever he can to see the show lives on.

"[The cancellation] kind of [left] us all in this uninformed, weird place. You ask any actor on this show if they want to do it again if they had the chance and they're going to say yes, because the experience was so fun and inventive, and the characters are so strong," the actor told the Daily Mail in a recent interview.

"I feel the same way as everybody involved, not just the actors but the crew, and even Jeph Loeb over at Marvel, we miss it, we want to do that show."

royce johnson nycc cosplayers
(Photo: Save Daredevil)

As it stands now, fans still won't be able to see Matt Murdock or any of the characters that showed up in Daredevil — or any of Marvel's other Netflix shows, for that matter— for at least one more year. Previous reports suggest Marvel isn't allowed to use, or even develop, properties with the characters that appeared on Netflix for two years after the shows were cancelled.

All three seasons of Daredevil are now streaming on Netflix.

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